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Lina Boulos, the founder and president of the company, is a certified Professional Civil Engineer in the State of California. Ms. Boulos has over 15 years of consulting engineering experience, in the field of water quality, water treatment, emerging drinking water technologies, and regulatory and permitting services, with emphasis on the California DHS 97-005 permit.

After completing her Bachelors in Civil Engineering from McGill University, in Montreal, Canada, Lina pursued and completed a Masters in Pure and Applied Sciences from Polytechnique University of Montreal. Lina’s thesis (1996) was focused on testing the inactivation of bacterial indicators of Giardia and Cryptosporidium, developing CT curves, and testing direct enumeration methods using epifluorescence microscopy. Two peer-reviewed journal papers were published as a result of her work, as well as several conference proceedings.

Shortly after completing her Masters, Lina moved to California in 1997, and started working at the Applied Research Department of Montgomery Watson, located in Pasadena, California. Her work consisted of water treatment consulting for several local and national private, municipal, and federal clients in various areas, including raw water quality assessments, water treatment audits, emerging technologies, emerging contaminants, regulatory compliance needs, and preliminary design activities.

Building on that experience, Lina joined Carollo Engineers, and was the first hired employee of Carollo’s newly established Pasadena, California office. As a water treatment consultant, Lina helped build the office with consistent clients and serving on local projects for small to large municipal utilities and federal agencies. In her last year at Carollo, Lina secured over $500,000 in consulting fees for a variety of clients.

Lina is a published author of several conference proceedings and papers. A selective list of publications can be reviewed by clicking on Publications.