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Poster Accepted at the November 2013 Water Quality Technology Conference, Long Beach CA: Electrolysis In Water Treatment, Design Concepts And Treatment Costs, by Lina Boulos, Adam Zacheis, and David Kimbrough

Water Research Foundation Report Published in 2013

Demonstration of an Electrochemical Reactor to Minimize Brominated DBPs in a Drinking Water Process, By Boulos et al.

Resource Type: ProjectProject#: 4216Funded: 2008Contractor: Carollo EngineersDescription: http://waterrf.org/_layouts/images/blank.gif

This research refined the design of the electrochemical reactor and confirmed results from Phase I, An Electrochemical Reactor to Minimize Brominated DBPs (Order 91202, Project #3182). The project also further assessed the effect of electrolysis on bromate control, developed operational and safety procedures, and conducted preliminary design of the technology. Tailored Collaboration partner: Castaic Lake Water Agency. Published in 2013 by the Water Research Foundation