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L Boulos Consulting Project Experience

-Ms Boulos was subcontracted by Baribeau Engineering to review materials for a 1-day water quality and treatment course given at a CA-NV workshop in May 2013.

-Ms Boulos is currently subcontracted by Baribeau Engineering to provide technical services for the City of Torrance, Ca to develop a Water Quality Monitoring Improvement Plan for submittal to the California Department of Public Health (May 2013).

-The Final Report has been published in 2013 for an ongoing 3-year project collaboratively funded by the Water Research Foundation and the Castaic Lake Water Agency. Working as a subconsultant to Carollo Engineers for investigating the electrolysis of water for the removal of bromide and brominated chlorine by-products

-A Stage 2 Disinfectant/Disinfection By-Product Rule (D/DBPR) Compliance Monitoring Plan was developed for the City of Orange, CA and submitted to the California Department of Health. This completes the requirements of the Stage 2 D/DBPR Initial Distribution System Evaluation (IDSE) Report.

-Field sampling and testing project funded by Irvine Ranch Water District. Working as a subconsultant to Stantec Consulting for orchastrating profile sampling and testing from a local reservoir and chlorine demand tests.

-Developed two Initial Distribution System Evaluation (IDSE) reports for two clients of Carollo Engineers. Both reports were readily accepted by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH). The IDSE report is a requirement of the Stage 2 Disnfection/Disinfectant By-Product Rule.

Other Project Experience

Lina’s field of expertise includes drinking water treatment plant assessments, source water quality studies, emerging contaminants, distribution system water quality, nitrification studies, and regulatory studies. Her background in civil engineering coupled with years of consulting experience in the applied research field gives her an edge in dealing with complex water quality and treatment issues. Lina served as PE and PM on several of these studies, ranging from small $10K studies to over $1,000,000 preliminary design projects. Lina has expertise in several water treatment processes, including ion-exchange, granular activated carbon, membrane filtration, conventional filtration, high-rate clarifiers, coagulation and flocculation. Lina has dealt with several emerging contaminants including perchlorate, bromide, nitrosamines. Other water quality parameters she has dealt with include iron, manganese, hydrogen sulfide, radon, VOCs, methane, trihalomethanes, halo acetic acids, nitrate, arsenic, organic matter, phosphorus, and ammonia.

Lina has also conducted several distribution system studies covering the topics of corrosion, nitrification, DBP formation, blending of chlorinated and chloraminated waters, and reservoir mixing systems. Lina has also conducted several studies associated with regulatory agendas, including ICR treatment studies, Stage 2 D/DBPR IDSEs, ESWTR, Stage 1 D/DBPR.

Lina has worked with small to large public water agencies, as well as federal funded agencies such as the Water Research Foundation (formerly referred to as the American Water Works Research Foundation).

Water Treatment
Lina has expertise in identifying water quality concerns and evaluating treatment solutions at the source, at the water treatment plant level, and further downstream in the distribution system.
Treatment technologies she has worked with include:
-Ozonation for removal of organic matter, color, and for obtaining CT inactivation credit
-Chlorination for oxidation and disinfection purposes
-Chloramination for disinfection purposes
-Ion-exchange for removal of specific anions such as nitrate, perchlorate, sulfate
-Media filters for removal of iron, manganese, arsenic, VOCs
-Corrosion inhibitors
-Several coagulants and polymers for coagulation, flocculation, or filtration purposes
-High-rate clarification technologies including MES (Actiflo)
-Air stripping for H2S and methane removal

Water Quality
Lina has expertise in conducting bench- and pilot scale studies to identify, classify water quality issues, and investigate, recommend, and implement water treatment solutions. She has expertise in building, setting up, and conducting experimental protocols. She has also trained water treatment operators in conducting such studies at the WTP labs.

Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
Assistance in complying with federal and California Department of Public Health Regulations, including:

Stage 2 D/DBR and the IDSE
Ca DHS 97-005 Memorandum specialized permit
Nitrification Action Plans
Blending Plans
Non Compliance (Aesthetic) Issues such as corrosion, color, odors, algal growth

Prop 50 application
AwwaRF/EPA funded projects: both solicited and Tailored Collaboration projects

Other As Needed Engineering Support
Technical Review of memoranda, design criteria, and costs Training on bench-scale and pilot-scale procedures and protocols
Sampling protocols
Analytical sampling matrices
Work on-site with your operators and water quality staff